Welcome. Welcome to the home of The Gnumeric Spreadsheet. Gnumeric is an open-source spreadsheet program. Gnumeric is Free: Gnumeric and its source . These chapters are the reference manual of SciDAVis. – The two following . and another application (Excel, Gnumeric, etc). You can import. Gnumeric is a spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME Free Software Desktop Project. The file formats which Gnumeric can read. org. Retrieved on ^ “Gnumeric XML File Format”. The Gnumeric Manual, version

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This shift is the fundamental difference between insert and delete operations compared to cut or copy and paste operations. The dropdown box the little down pointing arrow will show a list of appropriate columns. Gnumeric attempts to place its name and the name of the workbook on this outer portion. For further information on the toolbar button commands, see Section 4.

The Gnumeric Manual, version

Standard Height — This menu item resizes the rows back to the default height of If the selection is a block of cells, Cells Gnumeric also uses context menus to give users a quick way to access certain commands. This is useful to be able to line up portions of the worksheet which are not usually together.

By default, Gnumeric displays numeric values lined up against the right side of the cell. These releases are kept as stable as possible.

Gnumeric now manal enough of the features that users expect in a spreadsheet to provide for the vast majority of user needs. Next, click on the word “Column” next to the icon with vertical colored bars which will move the selection to that row.

This is the boxes with the labels “Guppies”, “Turtles”, “Mermaids”, “seahorses” and so on. The elements names are listed below along with a reference to the section that discusses that element. The cell area lies in the middle of all the rest. Alternatively, the “Open file” button on the toolbar,can be used or the F3 key clicked. The cross hair pointer can be used to change the cell selection area.


The do not change formulae checkbox suppresses this change.

Click on the sheet and drag downward and to the right. Insert operations can result in the gnuumeric of data if the last columns or rows currently contain information. Sometimes you want your book to be saved often so you do not lose any work.

It alos includes some other improvements over the versions in the 1. The ability to use Rich Text has been added in this version.

Gnumeric Portable

We explain the object toolbar in Section 4. Choose Contents to leave the cell’s formatting in place but remove the formula or data contents of the cell. Sources of Help Certain functions return not just a single value but an array of values. Using the automatic saving feature of Gnumeric can save time but is dangerous.

Clear opens a submenu with eight choices, organized into two sets of four. New and Improved Graphs. User interaction with each toolbar happens in essentially the same way. New plot types for surfaces and probability plots have been added. If the user decides to save the content, a second dialog may open requesting a file name, location and type for the saved workbook.

Retrieved from ” https: The main menus are on the menubar. The context menu that is called in the central grid area is discussed next in Section 4. Note also that the list only covers the last few dozen operations. The first time a user reports a problem, they will be asked to login to the system. Click on the “Insert” button. The analytical correctness of Gnumeric is a primary concern of the team.


The original data remains where it was and the Gnumeric clipboard and the X clipboard has a copy which can be inserted elsewhere.

The simplest way to move cell contents around a spreadsheet involves selecting a block of cells containing the contents to be moved, either “cutting” or “copying” those cells, selecting the location where these contents are to be moved and then pasting the data.

Calculating the correct answer is important, and Gnumeric has worked hard to surpass the competition. These menu items allow the user to remove recent changes to a worksheet or re-introduce changes which have been undone. If Gnumeric is sluggish increase the time between saves. Charts and embedded objects are not yet supported.

When a submenu entry is highlighted, pressing the left arrow key removes the highlight from the submenu. However, new features are constantly being added.

This is a small area, which contains a current cell indicator, a cancel button, a confirm button, an entry button, and an entry area for detailed editing of the cell contents. The pointer appears when the mouse pointer is placed over the handle box, the black square at the lower right hand side of the selection.

Gnumeric Portable (full-featured spreadsheet) |

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Edit menu is mostly used for operations on a worksheet or between worksheets. To enter data into a selected cell, you can simply start typing.

The Gnumeric team spends a considerable effort reverse engineering that file format to ensure that Gnumeric can read and write files in that format. The toolbar context menu described in Section 4. First we have to input these data into a worksheet. Edit the New Name field and click on OK to set the new worksheet name.