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Kandinsky depicts the life of the spirit as a triangle, forever moving gently upwards, or rather, forever moved upwards by artists—the m To me, Kandinsky is the Kandinsky from the Bauhaus period, when his paintings were dominated by abstract compositions comprising lines, circles, triangles, and bold colours.

In that sense they aret speak to the audience, in many ways; color or form in painting, for example.

Return to Book Page. I would never thought of green as stationary, yet he made me wonder This, however, is not the same thing as writing a grocery list, even if it’s written on paper covered with vegetables, as a bullet-list. Along with his own groundbreaking paintings, this book had a tremendous impact on the development of modern art.

In his wonderful Introduction to the text, Michael Sadler suggests that this extreme abandonment of representation of the real world is why, “The question most generally asked about Kandinsky’s art is: Theory is the lamp which sheds light on the petrified ideas of yesterday and kadninsky the more distant past. He is an artist who is completely “in tune” with all aspects of creativity.


Wassily Kandinsky Lo Spirituale nell’arte

He’s not just a great painter, but a captivating writer who really has a way with words. There are even diagrams. What are works of art, if not a genuine internal cry artists? Because that doesn’t really translate into anything but maximum snark – it’s sort of like getting spattered with paint for asking “what are you doing? An Introduction by the translator, Michael T. Each one of them who can see beyond the limits of his segment is a prophet to those about him, and helps the advance of the obstinate whole.

Books by Wassily Kandinsky. spirotuale

Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | paintings | Pinterest | Kandinsky art, Kandinsky and Art

Nevertheless, I remember being intrigued, and finally fascinated by his work. Takes some concentration to understand it all and follow the metap Picked this short treatise up used for cheap. Hermoso desde donde se lo vea, y no hace falta tener mucho conocimiento del arte para disfrutarlo.

The lower the segment the greater it is in breadth, depth, and area. Winston King The cover painting certainly is difficult to track down. May 31, Cameron rated it liked it.

Kandinsky ~ Lo Spirituale nell’Arte | Art I Love | Pinterest | Kandinsky, Kandinsky art and Art

To open the mind and the heart, and give fresh hope to the world. His goal is kzndinsky attune the soul to the effect of color. In some ways I enjoyed the two rather lengthy introductions to the book not by Kandinsky himself — which put his career and ideas in a historical perspective — more than the book itself. The whole triangle is moving slowly, almost invisibly forwards and upwards. His statement of artistic intent- you arge pat him on the back for that idealistic “whoosh”- appears equally specious.


It needs to reveal the spiritual, but not separate it off from the material world. I was not aware of the intrinsic relation between form and color. May 21, Michelle rated it kandindky it Shelves: It was divided by place and time, taking me through his Russian, German, and Parisian period, during which he moved from representative art to complete abstraction.

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

The result is a book that is beautiful to read from start to finish. Small diagrams showing how colours relate to one another are great too. But abstraction on its own and as the highest ideal is like pulling up a plant to see how the roots are growing.

Vau rated it it was amazing. Jun 08, P. The art world’s Verne! And the bottom line? I most enjoyed his breakdown of color theory, setting antitheses of white and black obviyellow and blue, orange and purple, and green and red.

Much of the book is spirituape on drawing parallels between music and colour-form: