Liam Montier’s Essential Card Magic Toolbox by Big Blind Media (8 DVD set) – DVD ‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ is the ultimate resource for mastering. The latest Tweets from Liam Montier (@liamtricktastic). I am a magician and creator of magic from England. England. Forcing a card – Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to! Being able to ‘force’ a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful.

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Liam eliminated all the double lifts and replaced them with one move to do the work of three double lifts. The End by Rick. The great think about this version of the classic effect is that there are no double lifts. The Full Monty takes moontier infamous street hustle ‘Find The Lady’ and turbo charges it into a mind boggling display of magic.

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This second spectator merely thinks of their card. New displays, fair fans and spreads. Imagine a deck that is a They have different styles, but many overlaps in their way of liaam. This is the Biddle trick and Fingerprint trick combined.

The card above the protruding card is shown.

An innocent passer by is shown a collection of photo. You turn over the card that was used to determine the time.


New displays, fair fans and spreads. Overall, this is another great PDF from Liam. They are the corner stones of great magic. The original PDF returns.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Mojo by Liam Montier

Darren McQuade and Liam Montier’s superb booklet, features seven new ideas using a Frixion pen as introduced to the magic world my Mathieu Bich. This is very simple, perhaps too simple.

This routine is substantially cleaner than the tradition biddle trick though. More than a trick, “Timeless” is a special watch included that can force any time The first reveal of cutting to the cards to make the selection is great thinking.

Suit Cut to Orde. The performer clearly shows the top and bottom card.

This is mega commercial magic that anyone can do. The effect is you remove the jokers and put them in the card box. The performer shows the top card of the deck and leans it against the box. Liam Montier takes you into the amazing world of UltraViolet.

The spectator then calls stop as the performer cuts packets to the table. What more could you want?!

UV monter or relating to the range of invisible radiation, on the border of the x-ray region, just beyond the violet in the visible spectrum. This booklet has it all – from visual routines to the purely baffling, with detailed instructions on how to make the gimmicks required for the 8 killer ideas that you will be performing in no time! Wordsworth Regular user Posts.

  DS1813 10 PDF

This will hit them right between the eyes. We like Liam’s magic a lot. Dec 3, If your spectator’s believe the cards are being mixed, whilst all the time you retain control of their order – then you can perform true.

Liam Montier Magic Tricks

Popular Liam Montier magic Thanks for the review I do like Liam’s work he comes up with some great stuff, in regards to the Biddle Print effect it sounds more like the Dunbury Delusion effect than either the Biddle Jontier or Finger Print trick. Truly, something for everyone. The performer waves the kings over the deck. Each king is lost in its pile then the piles are suffled together.

Magic Tricks

One packet is montiet face up. This is another favorite of mine from this book. Liam Montier returns with a brand new collection of astonishing tricks, all done with a regular deck and basic card magic knowledge. I must admit, this was my least favorite from the book.