Se busca la adopción de la Norma Internacional ISO , al ser .. que indica la Ley de Obras Públicas y Servicios Relacionados con. Promulgación de Ley que incentiva la conversión en El valor de las acciones ha sido actualizado al 24/10/14 utilizando la tasa 18, 6, %. CH. GROSS VALDERRAMA SEGUNDO. por-mover-dinero-con-cuenta-naranja/ daily 0.

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There are several economic and political discussions over the content of this bill of law.

In recent years, diplomatic tensions between the two governments have increased. In addition, cyber-attacks could disrupt our electronic systems used to service our customers.

We are exposed to maturity mismatches between our loans and sources of funding. Additionally, as of the same date, the SBIF ranked us fourth in total deposits with 8.


Our anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures may not prevent third parties from using us as a conduit for those activities, which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Failure to integrate, monitor and manage expanded operations could have a material adverse actualizasa on our business, reputation and financial results.

Wholesale Banking also actualizaea our real estate and project finance customers. Our results of operations may be affected actjalizada fluctuations in exchange rates between and among the Chilean peso, the Colombian peso and the U. Management and engineering guide: Gross dividends per ADS 4. We seek to achieve organic growth in all of our lines of business in Chile and Colombia by offering competitive products and services to our clients. You should consult your tax advisor regarding the U.

Our senior management is focused on implementing technological solutions aimed to identify means actualizzada improving our overall profitability and to optimize our cost structure, such as online time deposits which have been an innovative product of great success in Chile. If we actualizasa to achieve the business growth opportunities, cost savings and other benefits we anticipate from mergers and acquisition transactions, or incur greater integration costs than we have estimated, our results of operations and financial condition may be materially and adversely affected.


Method using high-performance liquid chromatography. Determinar la densidad lineal. Within our Private Banking Division, we provide private banking services to our high-income and high net worth customers in Chile. Normas Vigentes a ser canceladas. We believe our total allowances for loan losses is adequate as of the date hereof to cover all known losses in our total loan portfolio. Currently, actuualizada most important of these factors are the absence of any conflict between the foreign judgment and Chilean laws excluding for this purpose the laws of civil procedure and public policies.

Number of branches and offices.

Our business in Colombia is still dependent on such service and support of such affiliates of Banco Santander, S. Both the Formal and Informal Exchange Markets are driven by free market forces.

We are exposed to many types of operational risks, including the risk of misconduct by employees and outsiders, failure to obtain proper authorizations, failure to properly document transactions, equipment failures and errors by employees. Chilean and Colombian authorities intervene from time to time in the Chilean and Colombian economies, through changes in fiscal, monetary, and foreign exchange policies, which may adversely affect us.

However, we cannot assure you that our credit risk management policies, procedures and systems are free from any deficiency. We also recognize that natural disasters could be amplified by the effects of the climate change phenomenon. Any mismatch between the maturity of our loan portfolio and our sources of funding would magnify the effect of any imbalance in interest rates, also representing a liquidity risk if we leu to obtain funding on an ongoing basis.

New York Stock Exchange. We are parties to collective bargaining agreements with unions representing our employees in Chile and Colombia. Our New York Branch offers a wide range of credit operations and services to both Chilean and non-Chilean retail customers and large and medium-sized companies. Banco Condell Consumer Finance. Liabilities directly associated with non-current assets held for sale.

Yields on the Colombian benchmark rate reached a high of 5.

volver-a-reclamar-a – PDF Free Download

Chilean and Colombian authorities exercise influence on the Chilean and Colombian economies. Time deposits and saving accounts. Owners of ADSs are entitled to receive dividends on the underlying shares to the same extent as the holders of shares.


The migration waves also included the change of image of certain Corpbanca branches. Our level of insurance might not be sufficient to fully cover all liabilities that may arise in the course of our business and insurance coverage might not be available in the future. Contar con un documento normativo que describa los requisitos que debe cumplir el queso de morral y permita distinguir el producto de otras variedades de quesos. In the event of a natural disaster, unanticipated problems with our disaster recovery systems could have a material adverse impact on our ability to conduct business in the affected region, particularly if those problems affect our computer-based data processing, transmission, storage and retrieval systems and destroy valuable data.

This ruling was confirmed by the Supreme Court. Following the acquisition actualjzada Mr. Dividends received by holders of ADSs will be converted into U. Also, a strengthening of cross-industry labor movements may result in increased employee or labor costs that could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition or results of operations.

Large accelerated filer x. Real Estate ; 2 Retail Banking a.

DOF – Diario Oficial de la Federación

Changes in accounting standards could impact reported earnings. Establecer el procedimiento para determinar el contenido de agua mediante el secado en horno. The following tables present our selected financial data as of the dates and for the periods indicated. Intensified merger activity in the financial services industry produces larger, better capitalized and more geographically diverse firms that are capable of offering a wider array of financial products and services at more competitive prices.

Inthe Venezuelan government abruptly closed the Colombian-Venezuelan border which resulted in a substantial decrease in trade between Colombia and Venezuela, representing in that year less than 0.