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An electrical switch is taught. A rotor 1 of an electric motor is composed of at least two rotor units 11, 12which are suitable for different electrodynamic operating principles. An air conditioning diffuser for distributing air inside a vehicle, said diffuser comprising an inlet 9 for supplying air and an outlet chamber 1 having an outlet wall 2 comprising a plurality of outlet orifices 22the air conditioning diffuser is further provided with a permeable partition 3 comprising a plurality of pass-through orifices 32 for supplying air into the outlet chamber 1and the outlet wall 2 of the outlet chamber 1 is provided with air deflecting pockets 23 for directing the air, which leaves the air conditioning diffuser through the outlet orifices 22wherein at least some of the air deflecting pockets 23 are formed such that the air deflecting pocket 23 forms an open cavity on the outer side of the outlet wall 2 and covers at least one outlet orifice 22 spaced therefrom.

A wireless communication device and method therein for improving its performance are disclosed. According to the invention, the nasal applicator 12 has an inner component 50which is integrally connected to the actuation surface 32and an outer component 60which is designed as a component that is separate from the inner component 50 and which is attached to the inner component in such a way that the outer component surrounds the inner component The analysis device of the present invention has a very high sensitivity and a high ion utilization rate, and is capable of accurately measuring migration rates of ions.

The invention relates to a leaf spring core for a clutch arrangement, comprising at least two layers of spiral-shaped leaf springs 2each leaf spring 2 comprising a leaf spring riveting bore 3 on one end, through which a riveting element 5 extends in order to connect the leaf spring 2 to a leaf spring hub flange 6the other end of the leaf spring 2 having a bolt bore 4 for receiving a bolt 7, 17, 21 for connecting the leaf spring 2 to a pressure plate 8 of the clutch arrangement.

The housing part, which is formed, for example, by a closing element, in particular a housing cover, is designed to be connected to the housing cup, in particular separably or inseparably, or to close the housing cup. The invention relates to a three-way catalytic converter unit for internal combustion engines, which has a first main body, through which soot-particle-free exhaust gas is conducted, and a processing device provided in the intwgra main body, in which processing device nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gas are reduced to nitrogen and unburned or partially burned constituents of a combustible material are regenerated.

Intrgra first conducting layer and a second conducting layer are provided on the first top surface and separated by a gap.

The glue depression 10 is configured for receiving a glue portion 11 in order to permanently attach the suspension arrangement 7 to the support 2, The invention relates to a controller in a communication system in which a first control unit and a second control unit of the controller independently carry out a first call setup procedure and a second call setup procedure for setting up a call between a first and a second terminal.


The magnetic attachment means 8 comprises a magnetic material allowing the suspension arrangement 7 to be releasably attached to the support 2, When a second magnetically active material is brought close to one of the first bottom surface and the second top surface, the first magnetically active material is lifted above the gap and the electrical connection is broken. A closing device, particularly for closing an opening of a vacuum chamber, is provided.

The invention also relates to a method for controlling a hydraulic camshaft adjuster 1 of this type, wherein, with a starting of the motor, the rotor 3 is rotated out of a random position into a central locking position. The invention relates to a fuel injector 1comprising: Moreover, the device has a detector capable of detecting a pest within a detection zone. Since the airflow directions of the first and second regions are the same, the present invention has excellent stability in resolution and sensitivity whether acting as a high-resolution ion mobility analyzer or as an ion mobility filter for a continuous ion beam.


The present invention relates to solid forms with an antimicrobial activity comprising a polysaccharide and triiodide, where the triiodide decomposition to iodide and volatile iodine is significantly suppressed by the presence of a stabilizer, further it relates to the preparation and use thereof. The particles dispersed in the liquid 1164 can comprise: According to the invention, the comminuted raw coal is for this purpose fed to two successive density separation stages and the second light material obtained is at least partly mixed with the heavy material from the first density separation stage.

A wireless device may identify a pending collision for a slot of a carrier between a CSI-RS and uplink data.

The suspension arrangement 7 comprises a magnetic attachment means 8 and a glue surface integrra having a 1145 depression The seal assembly according to the invention is characterized in that the seal element 1, 1′ additionally has a seal portion 11 for forming a gap 6, 6′ which is formed between a center B pillar that borders the vehicle door and a vertical window pane 3, 3′ edge side facing the center 4.

The present invention belongs to the field of pharmaceutical preparations and relates to designing a series of lipophilic derivatives by using the wild-type membrane-penetrating peptide penetratin.

A vacuum pump 1 suitable for mounting to an engine, comprising a casing 2 having a cavity 4and a moveable member 6 arranged for rotation inside the cavity 4where-in the cavity 4 is provided with an inlet 10 and an outlet 12 and the movable member 6 is movable to draw fluid into the cavity 4 through the inlet 10 and out of the cavity 4 through the outlet 12 so as to induce a reduction in pressure at the inlet 10further comprising a valve seat 14 at the outlet 12 and an outlet valve 16 comprising a reed element 18 and a stop 20 for restricting movement of the reed element Also disclosed is a shield tunneling machine, comprising a shield and intgra shield spiral conveyor disposed inside the shield.

The aim of the invention is to provide a vehicle tire having a transponder, in the case of which the transponder can be integrated into the vehicle tire in a simple manner. An electrical machine having a conductor arrangement is proposed. The present disclosure generally relates to an information system for a working integrspecifically adapted for projecting an image onto an area externally of the working machine based on construction data relating to a surrounding of the working machine The modular wind turbine blade comprises first and second infegra modules each comprising a proximal end and a distal end, a first side comprising a first aerodynamic surface being a windward surface or a leeward surface, a second side comprising a second aerodynamic surface being the integrz of the windward surface or the leeward surface, and a tapered end portion having a thickness between the first and second sides that decreases towards an end of the.


The device can prevent needle stick injuries and cross infection and can reduce the damage to the inner walls of a patient’s blood vessels due to the needle tubing 2and is miniaturized in terms of product design and is easy to use, and the production process therefor is simple. The conductor arrangement is arranged on the corrugated hose or introduced into the corrugated hose in such a manner that any damage to the at least one conductor arrangement causes a change in a signal carried in the at least one conductor arrangement such that damage to or a state change in the corrugated hose can be derived from the change in the signal.

Autonomous System (AS) Numbers

The invention relates to an adjusting device comprising a main part, at least two drive elements which implement a drive movement, and a platform which can be moved relative to the main part. The multimedia management method comprises: The invention further relates to a production system, to a production unit, to an optimization system, and to a production management system.

Circuitry, a method, means and 111645 computer program configured to reduce distortions in an amplified signal to be radiated by an antenna. Devices, methods, and software for selecting Qo Intrgra per dedicated bearer.

Amtliches Kursblatt der Börse München |

The present invention provides an ion migration rate analysis device and analysis method. The invention relates to methods and devices for use in a wireless communication system.

WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. The method additionally has the step of releasing the light-guiding fiber for further use if the actual emission characteristic corresponds to the target emission characteristic and outputting an error message if the actual emission characteristic does not correspond to the target emission characteristic.

A method of making a wind turbine blade is described. The housing part is preferably made of plastic. The present invention concerns an electric nail file 1 comprising a handle 2 and a sanding head 3 removably mounted on said handle 2said handle 2 accommodating a power source 4 for powering a motor 5 which, via a gear unit 9allows a rotational movement of a rotary shaft 8 of the motor 5 to be converted into an oscillatory movement of a drive shaft 6which allows said sanding head 3 to oscillate during use, said sanding head having a substantially triangular cross section and comprising three abrasive faces 7.