Effects of Kalachakra Dasas. Maharishi Parashar said. O Brahmin! I am now going to describe to you the effects of the Kaal Chakr Dasha. During the Dasha. KALACHAKRA DASA – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Number of Visits Since June 8, Notice: My Kalachakra Dasa Tutorial is now available in MS Word format! KALACHAKRA DASA P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.

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Other Antar dasas Antar dasas Saturn One dxsa have different deha and jeeva rasis based on the elapsed portion in the nakshatra pada. Even when different dasas show the same event, they show it from different angles and focus on different aspects of the same event.

In the Dasha of Makar Navans in Vrishabh there will be tendency to perform undesirable deeds along with more adverse effects.

Kalachakra Dasa – Learning Astrology

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Dasa of a rasi gives the natural results of the rasi. The dasa of Venus will be of 16 years the dasa period of Taurus and Libra owned by Venus will be the same.

Auspicious Property Purchase Dates — Panchang. A journey to the southwest will be fruitful.

He may be running the Vimsottari dasa of Sun who may be exalted in D and so he may be feeling powerful. The dasa period of the Moon is 21 years the dasa of Cancer owned by the Moon will be the same. In this order Apasavya or Apradakhina order divide the three nakshatras by the 12 navamsas.

The 3 Nakshatras thereafter are placed in Savya group. In Simh in the Dasha of the Navans of Vrischik there will be distress and disputes; Tula extraordinary gains; Kanya gains of wealth; Kark danger from wild animals; Simh birth of a son; Mithun increase of enemies; Vrishabh gains from sale of cattle; Mesh danger from animals and in the Dasha of Meen Ans journeys to distant places.


Moles, Marks, Signs Rays of Grahas I of this book. Effects of transits of the various planets and constellations — Part 3. The effects of kalachakra dasa are to be declared on the basis of the sign whose dasa be in progress and its lord.

Kalachakra Dasa

Effects Chara Dasas If we take each set of 3 Nakshatras in Apasavya group e. Parasara explicitly listed them because dqsa find Navamsas within Navamsas and it is a bit tricky with some Nakshatra Padas being in Savya Chakra and some being in Apasavya Chakra.

If a rasi has too many or too few rekhas in SAV of a particular divisional chart, then its dasa may bring favorable or unfavorable results, respectively, relating to the significations of that house in that divisional chart. The focus is no longer on mind, but it is on the real happenings.

Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Aquarius Kumbh. Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Pisces Meen. It shows the inner motivation behind what happens. Every such formula consists of nine syllables indicating by their number as per katapayadi memories the particular rasyapaharas composing the dasa of the nakshatra pada under consideration and consequently by total life period appertaining thereto by means of the years allotted to the several owners of the signs.

So Cn and Ge are mandooki gati rasis. Welcome, Login to your account. Antar dasas of Mars If we take each set of 3 Nakshatras in Savya Chakra e. Hence it is important to learn when a dasa can be applied and what kind of results it shows. The dasa of Jupiter will be 10 years the dasa of Sagittarius and Pisces owned by Jupiter will be the same. Sagittarius Capricorn, Aquarius and Malachakra will be the four navamsas of Krittika.


Dasa of a rasi containing the 8th from AL in D may give a fall in status at workplace. The next Dasa is of the planet corresponding to the next Nakshatra and so daea.

It focusses on mind. B There will be 12 navamsa of three nakshatras from Rohini viz. Such will be the effects of the 9 Navansas of Vrishabh.

Venus and Rahu in your Birth Chart. I am now going to describe to you the effects of the Kaal Chakr Dasha. Antar dasas of Rahu Learned scholars have given different interpretations and there is no consensus. In assessing the net effects the nature of the Grah, occupying the Rashi, should also be taken into account.

By tamiljothidamtips On Aug 8, In Mithun in the Dasha of the Vrishabh Ans there will be acquisition of wealth, in the Dasha of Mesh Ans attacks of fever, in the Dasha of Meen Ans affectionate relations with maternal uncle, in the Dasha of Kumbh Ans increase in the number of enemies, in the Dasha of Makar Ans danger from thieves, in the Dasha of Dhanu Ans increase in the stock of weapons, in the Dasha of Vrishabh Ans injury by some weapon and in the Dasha of Mithun Ans enjoyment.

In the case of one born in an apasavya nakshatra, deha and jeeva rasis are the rasis of the ninth and the first dasas.

Curses, Previous Birth In the Kaal Chakr Dasha of Mesh in Mesh Navans there will be distress, due to troubles, caused by the pollution of blood. Notify aklachakra if there is objectionable content in this page. Since Rohini is an apasavya nakshatra, Sc becomes jeeva rasi and Sg becomes deha rasi.