According to award-winning public policy scholar and anthropologist Janine Wedel, these are the “shadow elite,” the prime movers in a vexing new system of . SHADOW ELITE – Review Excerpts. The First HuffPost Book Club Pick of Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel. Arianna Huffington: My first HuffPost Book Club. Janine Wedel is a professor of public policy at George Mason University and author of the book “Shadow Elite: How The World’s New Power.

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Examples include retired four-star army general Barry R.

Be a global citizen.

This was a frustrating book. I found this book to be unfortunately written in a style that was boring me to tears. An This study is commendable for shining light on a critical development: Flexians and flex nets pursue the ends of their own idealogical masters, which often contradict the other masters they supposedly serve.

According to award-winning public policy scholar and anthropologist Janine Wedel, these are the “shadow elite,” the prime movers in a vexing new system of power and influence.

Read in PDF format. I think Wedel does a good job at describing who the flexians are and what flex nets are in her book. In my opinion, one of the most important that has appeared in recent years. Michele Jacob, “presents an arresting theory of power that deserves wide attention…” Choice July Negroponte and Janine Wedel.

Le definisce le flex-net e porta numerosi esempi concreti, con tanto di nome e cognome. Unfortunately, the case studies amount to little more than detailed descriptions of the different boards, committees, task forces and think tanks which members of the networks occupy, as well as narrations of individual abuses of power and influence that have since been exposed shaeow the press.

The same influential people seem to reappear time after time in different professional guises, pressing their own agendas in one venue after another. Maneuvering qedel their weddl spheres of influence, they challenge both governments’ rules of accountability and businesses’ codes of competition, ultimately answering only to each other.


University of California, Berkeley Ph. The Washington PostJuly 25, This is hardly convincing as academic theorising. Wedel does not discuss the implications of her argument for theories of power and networks, for instance.

To ask other readers questions about The Shadow Eliteplease sign up. Now, however, one anthropologist has turned the profession’s pith-helmeted gaze on the top-level politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen who make up the global elite in an attempt to document how well they do their jobs. Michele Jacob, “presents an arresting theory of power that deserves wide attention…” Choice July She writes about governing, corruptionforeign aidand influence elites through the lens of a social jaanine.

In such a moral universe, ehtics becomes a matter of individual choice, with the only real control being social pressure exerted by the network. Labeling the new breed of U. Examples include the dozen or so players around neo-conservative cold-warrior Richard Perle, some of whom have long been working together in various incarnations for as elitw as 30 years to change American foreign policy according to their own ideology.

Janine R. Wedel – Wikipedia

Wedel has been a pioneer in applying anthropological insights to topics that are typically the terrain of political scientistseconomistsor sociologists. It is a vital area of inquiry and one that has considerable commercial appeal in light of the current power shift that has taken place in the United States; a power shift that allows a more objective, retrospective appraisal of the rise of the neoconservatives.

Thus while flex nets incorporate important aspects of other such groupings, they also differ from them in crucial ways—and those ways are precisely what make flex nets less visible and less accountable. The anthropologist Janine Wedel is bent on making us understand just how dangerous this new normal can be.

More disappointingly, as an academic study Shadow Elite fails to connect its findings, and especially the larger phenomenon under study, shado previous research in the fields of political and social sciences. Dan rated it liked it Dec 18, The flexians’ success is greatly enhanced by the fact that no one is minding the store as a wholeeven as we can’t answer the most basic of questions: Jason Linkins rated it it was amazing Jul 25, If you don’t watch Fox News, you already know everything in this book.


Aedel Elite by Janine Wedel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I enjoyed what I learned from this author. Nothing less than our ability for self-government and our freedom are at stake. The implications of Wedel’s critical assessment need to be seriously taken into account. All and all, this work is nothing more than a muddled recap of events almost everyone who pays attention already knows. Written with journalistic clarity without sacrificing theoretical and analytic rigor, Shadow Elite sheds light on a phenomenon largely hidden from the public gaze.

Myron rated it really liked it Sep 08, Retrieved from ” https: My first HuffPost Book Club selection of is Janine Wedel’s Shadow Elitea gripping book that explains why it’s been so hard to bring about any real change in America. Juliet rated it really liked it Feb 23, Ernest Gellner, the noted University of Cambridge social anthropologist, wrote that “Her book PBS”The supranationals: She states important questions and offers original answers.

Michele Jacob, “presents an arresting theory of power that deserves wide attention…” Choice July Matthew T. I appreciated the obvious amount of research and work that went into the subjects she covers, but I wish all the points eelite a clearer elire. I appreciated the obvious amount of research a This was a frustrating book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

To make matters worse, flexians and their networks are skilled at warding off efforts to illumunate thier methods or activities.