IDRISI Selva. – a version 17 of IDRISI; Selva means ‘dense tropical forest’. – an integrated raster-based GIS and Image Processing software. Eastman, J.R. () IDRISI Selva Manual. IDRISI Tutorial. s.l. Clark University, Worcester. Idrisi Selva Principal Components Analysis, page 1 of 4. The Idrisi Selva Manual. Principal Components Analysis. Principal Components.

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The roads should appear overlaid on the Landsat image. Add text labels for Hope, Harrison and Chilliwack you can add more if you wish: You will then import some Landsat data of the Fraser Valley and answer some questions pertaining to that dataset.

Read the first few pages about projects and working folders.

Double-click on the zip file Landsat The roads, unfortunately, don’t line up with the Landsat images although both use the UTM coordinate system, the georeferencing of the Landsat images resulted in some positional error being introduced.

Click on the check boxand then click on the REF The Landsat images have been georeferenced to a UTM [zone 10, North] coordinate system, so if we assign the same georeference system to the roads [knowing that roads had previously been projected to a UTM coordinate system within ArcGIS], the roads and the Landsat images will be geographically referenced together. The tutorial PDF can be found here: The Group Linked Zoom instructions in Exercise provide more details, if necessary.

Use the shape of the lake to help identify the specific lake [it is actually a reservoir–could you deduce this from the satellite image?

If you are finished, print your map composition using the Print command in the Map Composer. A vector file of some roads in this area is also provided. Navigation Map Query Question 9: Layer Interaction Effects Question 7: Fly mmanual and illumination optional, but it is quick and fun!


GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

Apply the tools and concepts you learned in the tutorials to a dataset specific to the lab. Loading the data Using Windows Explorer, go to: Note that we don’t have Band 6L or 6H data. Browse for isrisi Roads file it should be the only choice. What wavelengths do each band capture, and what feature characteristics does each band, in particular, highlight? Hand in the results of your Transparency exercise. This will save your composition manul further editing.

Advanced GIS Geob Is the spatial resolution of this image different from that of the other bands? Starting with Band 1: You will be complete five of the Tutorial Part 1: Remote Sensing Geob Displaying the data and creating images The first idrksi to do is to create a True Colour composite image.

sleva Add the three imagebands band1 as blue, band2 as green, and band3 as red. There is no save icon do not worry about this.

However, remember that with this experience you can put down in your resume that you have some working knowledge of image processing. Although this is not necessary, it is good practice to name files so that their relations are obvious. As such, this is a long lab 6 hours is an estimate for the time required to complete this lab. While many people place the band numbers following a short-to-long wavelengths convention e. Right click on the title Using the captionadd your name, lab and date to the composition.

Another window will appear, in which you enter the name of the city Caption. Add the vector layer roads as above recall: When you use the Ortho tool, you are creating an orthographic image.

What features in particular stand out in the image the ‘fuzzy worms’ 5 Question What wavelengths do bands 5 and 7 capture, and what feature characteristics do they, in particular, highlight? Right click on the existing projects folder and select Change projects folder.


Select the caption position relative to the anchor point e. Hand in the printout of your Landsat composite image. You will be completing some of the “Using IDRISI” exercises using dirisi provided by IDRISI from Spain, and the US in order to learn how to navigate the software, display layers and groups of files Landsat 5 TM band files, for example; here is a page that describes the launch dates for all of the Landsat satellitesdiscover how layers interact, create maps with both raster and vector data, and generate a 3D view and fly through optional, but fun.

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Room Office hours: Given the length of selvz lab, you should budget your time accordingly. Use Google Earth and Google Maps link to the map to familiarize yourself with the area. In the Tools menuclick on the Digitize tool looks like a bulls eye.

What is the elevation of the lake? Note that the San Francisco data Just for Fun It sometimes takes a few minutes for Explorer window to refresh and for the new files appear in the listing. What is the name of the lake use Google Maps? As a goal, you should finish Part 1, Exercises 1.

Then, click on the Group Link button and zoom into the band 6 image; you should then also zoom into the same area in the Landsat image. Supervised Image Classification and Lab 6: