The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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If the aforesaid thing be put in a dove or culver house, all the doves or culvers shal there gather together. One copy tells how the Key was to be buried with Solomon in his tomb, and how it was taken to Babylon and then brought back hy a prince of that country. If addition to this useful power, the figure can d.

The Secret Lore of Magic

Of the Winning of Hidden Treasures Caution and Explanation The world, we are told by the Clavicleis srcret of spirits of various kinds.

For if it be joined with the blood of a female lap wing or blacke Plover, and put with oile in a lampe, all they that compass it about shal beleeve themselves to be witches: And it hath beene proved of Philosophers of late time, and of certaine of our brethren, that, it being put against the Beame of the Sunne putteth forth fiery beames.

It also healeth the passions or greapes of the breast if the juyce be drunken. Then the magus intones: Somewhere along the line of transmission— pm h. When the circle is complete, perfume and sprinkle ii with holy water.

Take this hearb and mixe it with the stone, found in the nest of the bird called a Lapwing or Black Plover, and rubbe the belly of any beast and it shal be with birth, and have a yong one, very blacke in the own kind. He is quoted as having used a magical book attributed to Solomon and Hermes, in the eleventh century.


At this time she will leave, with her companions, without luving been dismissed. You cannot buy a copy of the Magus without months of searching, and then only at a very high price indeed. He should be bareheaded and his hands joined. In addition to the inherent worth of their content, The Secret Lore of Magic and Oriental Magic can also be seen as a ground-breaking operation by this author, before publishing over the ensuing years his many volumes of Sufi thought, ideas, and materials.

Exponents of High Magic could, however, equally plausibly argue that, since the operator is not submitting his soul to the said demons, and since he can control them and protect himself from them, the work could belong to White or High Magic.

In its use as a magical accessory, then, the pentacle had to be drawn on virgin lambskin in bright red ink, and the skin prepared v. I’sing the standard invocations and the Names and Words of Power, he calls his demon and obtains his services.

And if the aforesaid plaster bee put to the nostrils of any man, he shall fly away sharpely, through feare that he shal have, and this hath been proved. In this book it is only the latter with which we arc directly concerned: To fumigate, it is necessary to have a cruse, in which you place sectet newly kindled with a new fire, and let all be well ablaze.

Mustella the wesell is a beast sufficiently known. The distance between the two quadrangles thus made is to be six inches. Bless it, and sanctify it, and impart to it a special power, that whatever we may say or do or desire may be accomplished: They may be used to compel demons to speak, and identify themselves: These prayers and conjurations are such as are found in the Idires 1 1 ‘.

The fyfte hearb named of the Chaldeea is Iterisi, of the.

Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah”

Now place a chair at the side of the bed, and retire, while saying this: Then make the conjuration which is addressed to the Spirit that you want to cause to appear, and burn incense in his honour. As for the mace, this is all that you need for the circle, and over the perfumes is to be said the following orison: Upon the table there is now to be set a white cloth, and three chairs at the table.


Now comes the question of the pact itself. II they are instead of metal made in paper, the correspondence. I think this should be studied; that we should gather the data and analyze the lkre. And it worketh by vertue of those signes which have feet. To Make three Girls or three Gentlemen appear in your RoomAfter Supper It is necessary to be three days chaste, and udries will be elevated.

This hearb healeth the passions and griefes of the hart and stomach. Then these words which appear upon it are to be recited: If you serve us faithfully, larger ones will be given ahah you. By the ineffable Name on, which created everything! Then you skin him with the knife, and at the skinning make this invocation: He also teaches the secret of the making of the Powder of ,agic, by means of which the base metals may be turned into gold or silver.

After sue days, the Prayer and Confession are to be read. The process which is being described does not, however, need the construction of mmagic magical circle.

It consists of a scorpion the conventional sign for the Scorpio of the Zodiac, which comes under Marsand the words: These, he said, had been bought i’. And the third groweth in a certain He, secrft black vaines and that maketh to overcome perils and giveth strength to the heart, maketh a man highly pleasant, delectable and helpeth against adversaries. With the haematite stone the magician then draws on the earth the triangle which is to be their refuge, and places the candle on either side of it.