FERROLI WFL4+P7 PELLET ΤΑΞΙΑΡΩΝ. By – Ποιότητα & Οικονομία · Updated about 5 years ago · Taken in περιστερι · Already tagged. Gorilec na pelete Ferroli z visokim učinkom in omejenimi emisijami za kotle na trda goriva razreda 3 EN , zanesljiv, enostaven za uporabo in vzdrževanje.

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You can put it in power modulation mode and then it will change the quantity of pellets so that it matches the power needed. Hey hey Drona, agin grazie mille for your clarification, by the way this is the place I am trying to head http: Olive fferroli were too dirty, bunch of smoke, the dirt would fill up the burner in just hours with the same junk as in your pictures.

I will be back soon with more info!! It is possible that this parameter will not create any problems if you have very good quality pellets.

As for unburned pellet, I think that the problem is with smaller pellets, they are too light and fan just blows them away. I clean the burner where we can see. First, and most annoying is that my P7 shuts down with A01 error but there is no jam at all. The tube was getting filled with pellets and the burner would stop and switch on the fault light. I just order the sensor, will install it when it arrives. Thank you so much for sharing this — my landlord chose the device and the technician does not seem to know much about the fine tuning might not help that he has an Italian manual but would need it in Albanian….


This could be a good lead Thanks! These define how fast it is transitioning from one power level to the next. Ignition is detected by the light sensor. So you are saying p77 I should only increase t12 which controls fan speed for power level 3. My chimney is about 7m tall and it sucks smoke just right, but still, part of the smoke goes back. So, uo2 is 3, which is set by factory, I have increased it to 4 and increased level of fan at parameter t14, derroli is for power level 4, from factory setting to We did think that perhaps the fan had been installed incorrectly ie wired up wrong but upon further research today, that does not seem likely.

Hi Antonis, I never tried to modulate the power; we ferroll strugling with just making it work: Thanks Drona for the fast response, my parameters are; 18 is 2 is I guess that means that burner always works on power level 1? I hope it is clearer now.

So we have now also fixed that little problem, as I had said before our chimney was too short and we purchased from the UK a Vedetta cowl, http: It fell down from the pipe.

Hi, thanks for the information. The problem is on the start ,i reduced the t04 so the the pellet dont stuck anymore ,but there is still a problem on start ,so after it load a pelet it stay some minutes and than A02 apear.

Invio queste informazioni per uno scambio di opinioni tra utilizzatori del bruciatore. The quality of pellets is important. I added you with your name now.

Stuck SUN P7 pellet burner – how to fix. – Jurnal

I am wrestling with my P12 for 2 mounts now. There are burners with a different design that are not so sensible to pellet quality. The duration of the cycle is set with parameter t I also disconnected the boiler sensor and set this in parameter t02 to 0 without success. The pellets of poor quality are easy to identify: So when i leave automatic menu, on display shows up simbol for automatic mode with ON which means that automatic mode ffrroli turn on but burner is set on manualy mode that tells ON simbol.

  CCH CP06 91 PDF

BRULEUR a Pellet FERROLI Sun P7 | eBay

The burner SUN P7 from Ferroli has a minimum of automation, which means that is has no extra sensors apart from was is strictly necessary to function and for safety. Because power level 3 uses less olive cores maybe the increase in fan speed will make a bigger difference.

And third, when the boiler temp.

We were using Enerles pellets, which were really great and no problems. Also you need to clean your chimney periodically.

What about your consumption? I think its not only put to hot. By the way, I l7 experimenting with burning almond shells instead of pellet.


On my type of boiler the burner is mounted on the lower door, so I have to go on my knees with some lamp in order to see what is happening there. Have any one have advice how to reduce pellet consumption. And so, little by little, the loading tube was filled with pellets.