Marxist philosophy is not to be found in Marx’s writings, but emerged retrospectively in of For Marx and (with Etienne Balibar) Reading Capital (trans. ETIENNE BALIBAR. “Succinct and informative”. Fredric Jameson. “A trenchant and exciting analysis of the philosophy of Marx”. Immanuel Wallerstein. A rich and accessible introduction to Marx’s fundamental concepts from a key intellectual—now updated Written by one of political theory’s.

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Yet one must not ignore that this is all baligar under the guise of Balibar’s thesis: He believes that the development of Marxism between and was a failure and it is indeed jarring when an interesting analysis of the concept of the withering away of the state reaches its conclusion with Stalin executing the theorist.

The Philosophy of Marx by Étienne Balibar | : Books

Nov 22, John rated it it was amazing. Marx set about trying in his philosophical work to redefine social objectivity. For Balibar, Marx is a thinker frequently switching back and forth from anti-philosophy to philosophy and in so doing arriving at a meta-critique of philosophy that changed the western phklosophy forever.

Oct 17, Asaad Mahmood rated it it was ok. These were humans so devoid of values that they might, ironically, be the first people in history of realizing genuinely universal values, not class interests but mass interests.

Sep 17, Pages. One of the best way to enter into Marx, and a nice way to review one’s thoughts about him for older people already knowledgeable in “marxism”. In conclusion, this perhaps is a text that one needs to come back ghe later on in his life, but this definitely does not serve as an introduction for me, and I find it hard to see how this could be an introductory resource for young critics of either strand.


Apr 16, C. Jan 07, Pages.

The Philosophy of Marx

See 1 question about The Philosophy of Marx…. The book is, Balibar believes, more of a critique of notions of progress than a work of positivist progressivism. Jun 24, and rated it liked it. If the ideologically defined subject was a byproduct of society, rather than the other way around, this subject was still born of ideas. Balibar is less determined than Althusser to balibxr a single “epistemological break”, focusing rather on the process of growth and change. Like almost everything in Marx’s purview, his relationship to this question changed over time.

Sign in Create an account. These leaders then believed that the traditional communal farming communities that characterized Russian society would have to be abolished along with all vestiges of feudalism so that capitalism could wholly take hold in Russia before any move towards socialism could begin. Why is discussion of the ontological status bbalibar the individual in society less critical today than in ?

We do, nevertheless, have to recognize that Marxism is an improbable philosophy today. For similar critiques, Derrida’s The Spectre of Marx and the reaction against it, Ghostly Demarcations, are quite good. I believe the reason for this is that in France there is a tradition that says if you want to go down as being deep make it sound as complex as possible.

Another thing to karx is that this is a work of Philosophy of the kind that is found in university departmentsand therefore comes with its limitations as well as advantages.

I’m thinking of Balibar’s supervisor Althusser in particular. What is even not interesting is that Balibar makes this claim without any marz to Marxist historical practice.


Without a solid grounding in German idealism and Marxist thought most of what’s written in this book is way over the heads of the uninitiated. So far so good, right?

What if the problem that Marx was trying to reconcile resolves itself in practice. So far so good, right? balibag

This is because 1 this book is simply not a “guide” or “introduction” and 2 it is not comprehensive in the sense that it aims to provide a general, even if brief, survey on the “philosophy of Marx. Furthermore, the block inserts on Gramsci, Althusser, Lenin, Benjamin,etc are all excellent in their concision and aid to the controversies of Marxist philosophy. So we have the right then to interpret the implications of what Marx wrote.

Oct 14, Tommy rated it it was amazing.

To ask other readers questions about The Philosophy of Marxplease sign up. If you want a ready an interesting and provocation, but brief philosophical treatise on Marx, do read Balibar. Verso- Philosophy – pages.

Also I can suggest reading his work on Kapital with Althusser and some of his reflections on Dictatorship of the Proletariat. This is a slim volume and ostensibly designed maxr be an introduction to the philosophy of Marx. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

His analysis takes an approach similar to Althusser in reviewing the Marx’s writings themselves and showing the development in his thought. Balibar reads this as an aporia:.