DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. All versions DentiMax software come with days of telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual. Unless you live “off the grid,” you know that technology is an excellent tool. In a dental practice, technology has eliminated many daily manual. Compare pricing for DentiMax against the competition. There is a help icon on the pages that allows you to get instructions on how to do a.

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Since we text way over that we will probably stick with ZipWhip since it is so easy to use, unlimited texts and cheaper.

Both of those are currently done through a third party that works closely with DentiMax to make it easy to provide excellent service, right from inside the software. Also, you need other services to send claims or to text patients. I reviewed the latest software from DentiMax and was impressed by the way it graphically displayed three major cash flow indicators, all within a monthly calendar Updating your current dental software program to DentiMax may be less expensive than paying your annual maintenance and support fees Why is DentiMax Software priced so low?

This makes patients angry having to pay for a check up! DentiMax bridges to virtually every imaging software used in North America, including the following: This is so nice. DentiMax is very user-friendly and is very easy to follow.

Best of all, if their customer support is excellent at the get-go, you are sure to be in good hands. Likes Least So far, my experience with DentiMax has been nothing but good, so nothing so far. Likes Least The manual is kind of confusing, but aside from that everything has been great.


Bridging DentiMax to digital imaging as well as other third party applications makes for a powerful combination. In addition, DentiMax offers an Internet version of the software which gives you complete access to your practice data from any computer that has high-speed Internet capability; making the perfect solution for multi-location practices and billing services.

If manusl are up to date with dental programs than this is easy sailing. Unlike other companies, the texting we are releasing is our very own texting that we created in house, with complete integration capabilities, since we built it for us.

The statements are really good. Recommendations Do your homework. DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. If you are looking for a complete system that is easy to use, you should go with DentiMax. I can absolutely say I love dentimax, it has made my work so much easier, from insurance forms to ventimax.

Again, I recommend this software for any general dentistry or specialist office and will continue to utilize them for any future endeavors.

DentiMax Dental Software User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Although there are decent features with this Program, there are so many that shouldn’t even be an issue. Very easy to use. Take a look at their Scheduler Screen, see that little box in the top left hand corner, see the little arrows Advice to Others If you are looking for a complete system that is easy to use, go with DentiMax.


Likes Least We have been using Dentimax for over 3 years. So when your patient gets a statement from you, and their EOB copy, they can easily follow the two and ensure matching details. Pay a little more to get a Dental Program that has features that should be standard on a Dental Program. After upgrade was hard to understand everything with couple of training. Thank you so much for your feedback!

When you see the patient balance on the ledger, there are several other things you may be seeing, such as the family account versus just the patient account.

DentiMax Software

I really enjoy how much you can customize! General dentistry Number of employees: I will strongly recommend Dentimax for its practicality, simplicity, effortable price, and excellent support. Slow down and actually look at what you are doing while you are learning. We can certainly resolve this with you.

I have not worked with this type of accounting system before. I can even see my patients x-rays while I am treatment planning.

Also, you can absolutely send reports from DentiMax to excel without another amnual except for DentiMax and excel. Need a dedicated one in the office to call and solve things that came up during use.