Casei com Um Comunista é a história da ascensão e queda de Iron Rinn, uma popular estrela da rádio, que vê a sua vida pessoal e profissional destruída na. 22 dez. Casei com um Comunista. Original title: I Married a Communist. Dom Quixote, $ (eBook non disponible). Roth, Philip. Poland, Poślubiłam komunistę. Portugal, Casei com Um Comunista. Romania, Femeia din docul Romania (alternative title), M-am maritat cu un comunist.

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Casei com um comunista (The American Trilogy, #2) by Philip Roth

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Her frantic attempts not to giggle as she describes Abelard’s proud manhood are somehow a definitive statement on a whole genre of literature.

The unit of the triology is thematic. It took me almost three months to get through this melodrama.

A big social conscience and the wide sexual appetite to go with it. A challenging word dump of monologues and philosophical journeys through the optimism of youth, the pessimism of old age and mortality.

Refresh and try again. For me at least. Philip Roth, alias Nathan Zuckerman had never before known anyone whose life was so intimately circumscribed by so much American history. Comunistq exaltado e linha-dura, Ira se atira com ferocidade contra tudo o que julgue ser um inimigo.

Roth either knows nothing about Lincoln’s public demeanor and his personal philosophy and failed to do even the most basic research, like reading the speeches or else just possibly he’s taking a very subtle dig at the old-time communists he’s pretending to admire.


Who taught you art is slogans? As well as the social forces paranoia, tabloid, racism that threaten to pull people under. It shares a few qualities with its Pulitzer winning predecessor, namely themes around Jewish shame and identity, as well as a troublesome daughter who is the catalyst for the wheels of tragedy. Because you look co, and you’re ‘moved’?

Casei Com Um Comunista (The American Trilogy, #2) by Philip Roth

Imagine being accused of being a Communist? The story is about anger, anger, anger. O Iron Rinn nunca me amou. He depicts the fictional Eve as a vengeful and self-deluding woman in thrall coom her impossible daughter from an earlier marriage.

Nothing has a more sinister effect on art than an artist’s desire to prove that he’s good. As a man, as your fiction tells it, everything is believable.

It’s such a crazy fairy tale they’ve got to take people and put them in Siberia in order to get them to believe it. Why are none of Lincoln’s speeches ever quoted? The now long-dead Ira Ringold constantly had to re-invented himself. To ask other readers questions about Casei com um comunistaplease sign up.

I always love Roth’s prose, but his riffs on politics and art are amazing. A true Machiavellian strategistperhaps? Open Preview See a Problem? Murray Ringold, the Jewish war hero and intellectual, in his passion to explain, to clarify, and to understand, spends several days in the company of Nathan.

The main hero, left-thinking Ira Ringold becomes a radio star and marries Eve Frame, a big name actress. Lenin was a con man and a serial murderer.

Casei Com Um Comunista

Plus with Philip Roth at the helm I was ready for a great read. It might be a acsei piece of word art, but the moral behind this tragic life story is a killer.


Philip Roth’s real persona on the other hand, remains gentlemanly intact, while destroying his ex-wife as a character in a novel. Except for the rare case, Mr. Though in that later book Roth used a counter-factual foundation—the anti Semitic aviator Charles Lindbergh is elected president of the USA on an isolationist platform that tragically keeps America out of World War II—whereas here in I Married A Communist he shows the same ability to give us characters caught in the mill of history though without the counter-factual underpinnings.

See 1 question about Casei Com Um Comunista…. At one point Roth likens thesetales to Elizabethan tragedies, which I ckm is stretching it, especially when it comes to him and Bloom.

I struggled through the first fifty pages or so, through some dense politically tinged backstory told by a 90 year old guy named Murray Ringold. A big social conscience and the wide sexual appetite to go with it. This is a sort of read-aloud book because it is a story largely being told in soliloquy fashion by year-old Murray about his blacklisted brother Ira to Nathan Zuckerman, a novelist stand-in for Roth himself.

It caught me by surprise. Yet these two books add to the complexity of America, good or bad. View all 13 comments.