Brighu Prashna Nadi. +. Fortune Telling From The Permutation And Its Combination Of The Planets. +. Bhrigu Nandi Nadi: A Classical Work Based On NADI. 36% buy the item featured on this page: Bhrigu Prashna Nadi $ $ Vaastu Purusha Mandalam, 21% buy. Vaastu Purusha Mandalam $ $ 1 Brighu Frashna Nadi How to refer to the Bhrieu Prashna Nadi 1. The Bhrigu Prashna Nadi contains predictions, each prediction commencing on.

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Anyhow, during this year 2 successful ‘developments can be seen, and has to wait for another 5 more months.

At present, the difficulties are not much. Anything the person tries to do will be first successful, intermediate position is ordinary result, and again finally good results. From the time of the present and onwards of three months all efforts achieves success. Just a few years back the person has suffered from a very dangerous period which is now solved, and the family at home the partner of life may be has suffered a lot due to ill-health.

Regarding the educational aspects and the welfare, the prosperity and the career of life will be enshrined in a very good manner in all aspects of life. And a respectable, divine person cooperates and helps for career improvement, and good things.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi R G Rao

There are certain Graha Doshas in the family, and this defect causes strain, mental unhappiness and such ugly bad situations and even in family circle the things are not right and there have been suffering in and from family circle also, but anyhow saved from such ‘Jungs. But due to previous karma,one-or-other problems will be there, but can be overcome to some extent by the Grace bbhrigu God-and anyhow till 60 the yogas are powerful-but in 63 again problem, desperation, etc.


Is able to overcome enemies in career. One of your family person will suffer ill-health and even that gets solved and brings good results. This person has the Divine Blessing of Goddess Mother Stree Kula Devathe who stands as a protective measure nad safeguard the interests of this badi and hence you will gain enough of pride, success and fame in the society, and also will enjoy luxury and all these can be seen in the Yogas of the present.

Bhrigu Prashna Nadi

Extremely intelligent in all the deeds. Also there is rpashna special yoga in the Amsha after a period of one year and four months.

Anyhow, this condition improves after a period of one year. Good things for home life. The person enjoys great auspicious time with celebrations at house and life till 78 is good, with happiness and enjoyable life.

Anyhow, many friends have enjoyed help from this person. Whatever the person thinks in mind, he gets them with success and enjoys a good and respectable life. Occassionally, it so happens that prrashna predictions given in page No.

The birth place is at one end and yoga is at different place. From now on in another 2 years, finance, improvement, improvement in career, creditability, fame will all come. The beginning is very bring, and difficult, with desperate life.


Previously 4 years back from nowsuffered naxi and unhappiness are all now past. Anyhow, this bad period will be closed after 6 months. The native will be able to possess independent – vehicular gains, and will be able to earn self-earning property aspects. But unfortunately, the yogas due to this person did not reach him,and instead due to cheating, and double dealing crossing went to some other hands, the result of which, he lost mental peace and faced the music of difficulties.


But regarding aspects of wealth and other success the family enjoys good time. Your new plan to undertake a new venture will become successful as per your will and still your brothers may give you some trouble and youe will suffer mental prsahna and all these unfavourable periods, after 9 months becomes favourable and your plans, success, family life and good things at home are sure to take place and you will enjoy an allround good time with prosperity and enjoyment.

During next year the land disputes now which are in problematic process will find a solution only during next year and due to your good period even people, relatives, parshna who were against you will join your thoughts and will favour. Anyhow the person must be careful regarding health. After the age of 30 years of this person, he will enjoys vehicles, independence and good life and also there is Kireeta Gruha Nirmana Yoga.

But after that there will be invitation from a high institution for prosperity, but still unfortunately, the results are not satisfactory. Also, during the future years, the family enjoys special yoga Vishesha Yoga and career takes very good heights of success and helps even for the family circles also.

In absence of this, he may recite the following mantra with complete devotion: Now from the past 9 years enjoyed improvement, and especially from last 4 years has enjoyed tremendous improvement in life.