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V HTF-charge Battery charging high temperature threshold settings 8. ADC input range 8.

This example is included to show that power-provision can be done without a dedicated PMIC but also demonstrating quite how many components it actually needs, to do so. VBUS current limit control open time limit stream selection TS pin function selection 0: M2M modules are also typically designed to operate off of a direct Lithium battery voltage and are not to be run off of a 3.

TS pin current output settings Interrupt bank 2; Battery 8. The level-shifting trick however in this case relies on the capability of the SoC and requires the cooperation of the PMIC. The constant current mode timeout setting Bit Close VBUS discharge resistor; 1: When the SoC detects that the inserted card has 1.

Strictly speaking the Card Detect line which is an Open Drain need not be routed through the level-shifter, whereas the SDcard signals, which are push-push high-speed, definitely do.

The datasheet is incorrect here. I2C is a master bus only, meaning that if the peripheral has important data, it has to have some way of letting the SoC know that something’s happened.


The Application Notes are significant which makes it an extremely good choice. The AXP interrupt system has 2 bits for every interrupt, offset by 8 bytes. To make that clear: ThinkPenguin spent two years walking Atheros through the process of releasing the full firmware source code, and it is the only chipset where peer-to-peer mesh networking has been added by the Free Software Community, and it is the only chipset that could be considered for adjusting the firmware to reduce power consumption.

During long-term operation, these datasheer, which are basically yet another ARM Processor and their own DDR and NAND storage with a full Software Stack often linux kernel based inside an enclosed metal box, are pretty much guaranteed to crash so hard that they become completely unrecoverable and unresponsive, and have even been known to cause the USB Host Endpoints that they are connected to to hard-crash as well.

I2C sensors appear on the face of it to datwsheet quite straightforward: Power outputs are roughly as follows: The OTG port is slightly different.

Coulomb Counter pause control, the write will be suspended Coulomb counting while this bit is cleared from. Battery is no longer charging in activation mode.

It requires the following signals: For ultra-low-cost applications this is perfectly fine, considering the price and high availability. So the OS needs to know when a clash is detected, immediately: In addition, it’s often the case that the sensor may need an occasional aaxp209 a definitive, on start-up RESET.


Full technical documents can be obtained by registering and then logging in to their website or instead by simply searching online without registration. Note also in the example schematic that MMBT transistors have been deployed for simple level-shifting axpp209 also convenient inversion of the control signals. Dataeheet Counter Control 8. Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. In addition, as a general-purpose shared memory bus it’s possible to connect other peripherals simultaneously, mitigating the high pincount issue, requiring only one Chip Select line per peripheral.


Also as it is a UVC-video compliant device, linux kernel driver support is automatic.

(PDF) AXP209 Datasheet download

Selecting a PMIC is tricky. Honestly it is simpler to just design the SoC to cope with the higher voltage. I2S was designed for low-latency and high-quality Digital Audio, send and receive. GPIO2 feature set 8. GPIO1 feature set 8. So to avoid cartel scenarios and also to avoid custom-ordering of minimum 10kk PMICsand to avoid the manufacturing and design complexity of re-programming the PMIC before it can be connected to the SoC, the best course of action is to analyse some available and extremely common PMICs, find out what their default outputs are, and then arrange the SoC and the DRAM to be compatible with them rather than the other way round.

AXP Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

DC-DC2 output voltage setting 8. Indicate the charging current is less than the desired current 0: Without this integrated capacity to route power it actually becomes extremely hair-raising and requires something like 60 discrete components and ICs to replicate see jz reference schematics “LEPUS Board” for an example. Depending on the firmware, some 3G USB-based Modems offer multiple eatasheet, some of which can transfer audio data.

ADC Enable 1 8.