English entry page to an English translation of the work, in turn part of a large site containing many Greek and Latin texts and translations. Part of a complete English translation of Apicius’s de Re Coquinaria. Site contains many Greek and Latin texts, translations and related. De re coquinaria. Libro de Marco Gavio Apicio. Share. Sutori. Presentations for the classroom in a unique timeline format. On Sutori, teachers and students.

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Apicio De Re Coquinaria Facsimile | New York Academy of Medicine

Apici excerpta a Vinidario survives in a single 8th-century uncial coquinaroa. ImagoExport to Endnote. Perhaps a typographical error for succum.

IV Tid-bits, Chops, Steaks.

Apicius sive De re coquinaria

Only a master cook is privileged to handle them and to do them justice. Summi ; list sumisi. Apicius, De Re Coquinaria is a selection of Roman recipesprobably compiled in the late 4th or early 5th century AD and written in a language closer to popular Latin than to Classical Latin.

Check out our popular filters below! In a completely different manuscript, there is also a very abbreviated epitome entitled Apici excerpta a Vinidarioa “pocket Apicius” by “an illustrious man” named Vinidariusmade as late as the Carolingian era. The manuscript, before reaching the Vatican Library, was in Bologna in and then in the collection of the Montefeltro dukes, in Urbino.


Flower and Rosenbaum, p. Wines; preservation of various foods.

It must be borne in mind, however, that the ancient definition of “custard” is “egg cheese,” coquonaria because of the similarity in appearance and texture. Despite the title, this booklet is not an excerpt purely from the Apicius text we have today, as it contains material that is not in the longer Apicius manuscripts. To fry in water is not possible. Looking for the price?

When saturated place in the oven to heat but not to dry out; when thoroughly hot retire from oven, pour over some honey, stipple the fruit so that the honey may penetrate, sprinkle with pepper 2 and serve.

Show More Like This by: When done, retire, allow to drip and dry on the gridiron but so that the meat does not harden.

According to the invention of Marcus Apicius, pigs were starved, and the hungry pigs were crammed with dry figs and then suddenly given all the mead they wanted to cosuinaria. Fluvius is not a personal name, and means “river”. Stir well with satury and leeks 2 and tie with roux. Out of the oven: Grocok and Grainger, pp. When we first beheld this message we took the inn-keeper for a humorist and a clever advertiser; but now we are convinced that he was in earnest when he said that his guests would lick the sauce pan in which his hams were cooked.


The De Re Coquinaria is a text for the kitchen. The figs were retired from the sauce pan long before the meat was done and they were served around the ham as a garnish. Ficatumiecur suillum.

Then place them in the oven to be roastedwhen done take the finished meat ee out. Properly perhaps, Petasonem ex mustaceis ; cf. Stick figs into the liver by making apertures with the knife or with a needle.

Autore:Marco Gavio Apicio

Due to publishers’ policies, some prices can’t be displayed online, however we can answer to direct enquiries. The header bar at the top of each webpage will remind you with the same color scheme. As usual, I’m retyping the text rather than scanning it: It is inconceivable how this sauce can be white in color, rs, as a condiment and if taken in small quantity, it has our full approval.