The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ62 relays can be used When protecting motors, the 7SJ62 relay is suitable and manual electric tripping is no longer. Applicability of this Manual. This manual applies to: SIPROTEC 4 Multi- Functional Protective Relay with Local Control 7SJ62/64; firmware. This manual is valid for: SIPROTEC 4 Multi-Functional Protective Relay with Local. Control 7SJ62/63/64; firmware version V Indication of.

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This is why such faults are not detected at all or not selectively by the ordinary time overcurrent protection.

Be careful when removing or plugging the connector between device and detached operator panel Non—observance of the following measure can result in property damage.

In the current path, the I current is valid, when the transformer neutral current 7sj26 connected to the device.

The electrical and functional data for the maximum functional scope are followed by the mechanical specifications with dimensioned drawings.

The load current the line carries must be at least 0. In particular, they must have the same transformer ratios and approximately identical knee-point voltage. When setting the Power System Data 1 see Section 2. Synchronization Function Functions maunal. Before connection it is checked whether conditions are synchronous or not. The commands can, for example, force specific settings for the modem.


Directional Overcurrent Protection 67, 67n Circuit Breaker Maintenance Functions 2. 7sn62 enables a clear distinction from asymmetries impressed by the power system. This information is relevant for the processing of ground faults in grounded systems and ungrounded systemsfor the operational measured value VN and measured-variable monitoring.

Page 31 Introduction 1. Dynamic Cold Load Pickup Trip Circuit Supervision 74tc However, the protection feature can be configured to allow that not only this phase element but also the remaining elements including ground are blocked the so-called CROSS BLOCK function, address if the permissible har- monic component of the current is exceeded for only one phase.

The user is also allowed to generate user-defined messages. Description Of Fault Location The “warm motor” condition is derived from the thermal storage of the restart inhibit see Section 2.

Panel Flush Mounting Mounting and Commissioning janual. Transferring Metering Values Direction Check With Load Current User-defined Functions cfc Eddy cur- rents are induced at the rotor surface, and local overheating in rotor end zones and the slot wedge begins to take place. Without the cable the device is not ready for operation!

Protection elements can thus be blocked selectively, made to operate instan- taneously or according to the configured delay times. Programming Time-overcurrent Settings Test Mode And Transmission Block The table indicates region-specific default settings.

Reverse Interlocking Bus Protection Function 01 Please select Flexible Functions Flex.


Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

High Impedance Protection go. Definite-time Overcurrent Protection 50 n Technical Data 4. Fault Event Fault 7zj62. Tools Digital Grid Digital Grid. With RS and fiber optic interfaces, each connection is dedicated to one transmission direction. They are marked with letters explained in the following table. Page 58 Functions 2.

SIPROTEC 7SJ62 – Digital Grid – Siemens

If the optical interface is required you must order the following: Two-phase Time Overcurrent Protection Protection Operating Quantities The two-phase overcurrent protection functionality is used in grounded or compensated systems where inter- action of three-phase devices with existing two-phase protection equipment is required.

Manual Close Mode 50N-2 instant. Page 56 Functions 2. Time Synchronization Interface If not required, this function should be set to Disabled. If the function operates on one phase or without phase reference, phase selectivity and phase-specific indications are not relevant. Page 91 Manuual 2. This may be, for example, the type of annunciation to be issued in the event of a power system fault occurs. Checking Connections Mounting and Commissioning 3. Multi-functional protective relay with local 7aj62 pages.